Watch For Deer

Preservation of farming/ranching communities and hunting traditions are at our core.

Huntier was created to strengthen both farming/ranching and hunting communities by creating, in essence, a “virtual handshake” between the landowner and hunter. With this partnership, we can ensure that farms stay in the hands of families and the tradition of hunting will continue into the future. Landowners have an enormous resource that does not routinely generate revenue outside of its primary agricultural domain. With Huntier, landowners have the ability to customize their property as they see fit. Property listings are made available for rent/lease with the ability to specify dates, game species, sections/parcels available, etc. The application allows the landowner to manage as much, or as little, as they wish.

Hunters do not have an easy way to gain access to high-quality hunting land at an affordable price. You would need to spend hours searching the internet and “cold-calling” farmers/ranchers to inquire if their land was available for rent/lease. Not anymore! With Huntier, hunters can access properties all around the USA and book for immediate use or schedule a hunt in the future.

Welcome to the future of hunting.